Why is Africa an important market for French beauty company L’Oréal?

Africa is a big and fundamental market for L’Oréal. In the last four years, Egypt, Nigeria and East Africa have come on line to join South Africa, Morocco and Ghana where L’Oréal previously had a presence.

Describe the opportunities and trends in the beauty industry?

The potential is huge. I spend time observing how people behave in the washrooms. I am fascinated that every single woman, whether an executive or cleaning lady, will come in with a compact and powder their face, line their eyebrows and apply lipstick. Every salon in Kenya offers manicures, whether it is in a shack or a five star hotel; it is just a question of price and quality. This was a luxury but now it is standard. Women are increasingly becoming more confident, are loud at home and hold higher offices. I think the next big thing is deodorants. The beauty industry can only progress.

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